3.5 Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee

The Colac Otway Shire MEMPC has been established pursuant to Sections 21(3).of the Emergency Management Act 1986 and the Emergency Management Act 2013.

The MEMPC is one component of a broader structure that enables appropriate planning, response and recovery activities and arrangements at local and regional levels, with sub-committees and working groups who are responsible for planning for fire management, flood management, and relief and recovery.

Figure 18 shows the MEMPC committee structure and the vertical and horizontal links to other committees.

3.5.1 Role of the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee

It is not the MEMPC’s role to manage emergencies. This is the responsibility of agencies and personnel identified under the Victorian State Response and Recovery Arrangements.

The MEMPC is required to prepare the Municipal Emergency Management Plan as per the Emergency Management Act 1986 and the Emergency Management Act 2013. The ongoing role of the committee is to:

  • Develop and maintain the MEMP for consideration by Council.
  • Review and update the MEMP annually, including review of risks and the Community Emergency Risk Assessment (CERA) as required.
  • Arrange regular tests/exercises of MEMP.
  • Assess and review hazards and risks facing the community.
  • Call an out of session meeting following an emergencyincident or change to the plan.
  • When necessary, form specialist sub-committees or working groups of the MEMPC
  • Prepare risk specific response and recovery sub-plans for the municipal district.

The MEMPC does not have a direct role in the management of emergencies. The MEMPC is chaired by the Municipal Emergency Manager and the Executive Officer role is undertaken by Councils Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator.

3.5.2 MEMPC Terms of Reference

Terms of reference for the committee have been developed and are provided at Appendix 6 – MEMPC Terms of Reference

3.5.3 MEMPC Membership

The membership of the MEMPC consists of representatives of the following organisations:

  • Victoria Police (VICPOL) – Municipal Emergency Response Coordinator (MERC) and Regional Emergency Management Inspector (REMI).
  • Vitoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) – South West Region.
  • Country Fire Authority (CFA) – District 6.
  • Department of Human Services (DHS).
  • Colac Otway Shire – MEM, MERO, MRM, MFPO and nominated Councillors.
  • Ambulance Victoria (AV).
  • Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI).
  • Powercor.
  • Barwon Water.
  • VicRoads – South West Region.
  • Parks Victoria.

Representatives of other organisations may be co-opted to the MEMPC as required:

  • Wannon Water.
  • Colac Area Health.
  • Red Cross.
  • Telstra.
  • Department of Transport.
  • V/Line.
  • Gas Authorities.
  • Environment Protection Authority.

The MEMPC contact list is updated quarterly post MEMPC meetings by the Executive Officer of the MEMPC. Contact details are included in Appendix 3 – Municipal Emergency Planning Committee Members

Figure 18 - Colac Otway Shire Emergency Management Committee Structure

3.5.4 Frequency of Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee Meetings

The MEMPC has determined that the committee shall meet at least four times each year. The meetings are held on the third Thursday in February, May, August and November of each year at Colac Otway Performing Arts Cultural Centre (COPACC), Rae Street, Colac.

Extraordinary meetings may be called by the MERO as required following a major emergency event, exercises, identification of a significant new risk, organisational change or legislative changes, EMMV reviews and or updates. A record of MEMPC meetings is provided at Appendix 7 – Meeting and Training Log

3.4 Emergency Management Planning Process

3.6 MEMPC Specialist Sub-Committees