3.6 MEMPC Specialist Sub-Committees

The MEMPC Committee has four specialist sub-committees currently undertaking specific work.

  • Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee (MFMPC).
    • Responsible for development and review of the Municipal Fire Management Plan (MFMP).
  • Cross Council Relief and Recovery Sub-committee.
    • Responsible for the development of Relief and Recovery Plans that address:
      • Roles and responsibilities of three councils.
      • Planning and preparedness.
      • Activation processes.
      • Support arrangements.
  • Events Sub-Committee.
    • Responsible for reviewing the CFA/DEPI Event Management and Wildfire Trial Guidelines.
    • Overseeing broader emergency management for events.
  • Community Emergency Risk Assessment (CERA) Working Group
    • Responsible for the development and review of the CERA.

3.5 Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee

3.7 Emergency Management Group (EMG)