3.9 Audit Requirements for the Plan

3.9.1 Purpose of the Audit

The audit process is designed to stimulate quality municipal emergency management planning in a positive, non-punitive way. It advises and supports Councils in their efforts to serve their communities.

3.9.2 Audit of the Plan

The plan is audited pursuant to Section 21Aof the Emergency Management Act 1986by the Chief Officer, Victoria State Emergency Service every three years.

The MEMPC is responsible for ensuring the plan complies with the guidelines. The Act also requires that the auditor obtain comments on each municipal plan from the Regional Emergency Response Planning Committee and the Regional Recovery Committee.

3.9.3 Response to Audit

Under Section 21A (3)of the Emergency Management Act, each municipal council must respond in writing to an audit report within three months of receiving it. If the audit is qualified, Councils should indicate in their response how they intend to remedy any deficiencies.

3.8 Environment and Community Safety Unit

3.10 Maintenance Review and Testing of the Plan