3.10 Maintenance Review and Testing of the Plan

3.10.1 Authority

This Plan was developed by the Colac Otway Shire MEMPC, formed under the authority of the Colac Otway Shire Council, pursuant to Part 4, Section 20 of the Emergency Management Act 1986 and the Emergency Management Act 2013.

Council endorses this Plan on the basis of advice provided by the MEMPC. This plan is administered by the Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator. All enquiries can be directed to:

3.10.2 Review of the Plan

This plan will be reviewed annually or after an emergency or exercise where the plan has been utilised.

Organisations and departments delegated with responsibilities in the plan are required to notify the Municipal Emergency Resources Officer (MERO) of any required changes.

Council will check all contact numbers and names contained within the various parts of the plan biannually (every six months). The MERO and the Municipal Recovery Manager (MRM) will ensure that these bi-annual checks/updates are completed. The MEMPC contact list will be updated quarterly after each MEMPC meeting.

A major review will be undertaken by a working group made up of members of the MEMPC prior to the regulated audit of the plan (every three years). A major Community Emergency Risk Assessment review will coincide with the major plan review. This process is instrumental in identifying emergency risks that could impact on the Colac Otway Shire.

It is the responsibility of the Municipal Emergency Manager (MEM) to ensure that all facets of the Plan, including terminology, are updated on a regular basis. Minutes of meetings will be taken and kept on record.

The Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator will support the MEM in the role of MEMP caretaker. Any amendments will be produced and distributed by the Colac Otway Shire Council as required. Agencies as identified on the distribution list are required to acknowledge receipt of the amendments.

Amendments will be distributed via hardcopy or CD in the mail either as inserts into sections or as a complete document depending on the nature and number of the amendments undertaken. Amendment distributions to those organisations listed in the distribution list, as provided in Appendix 8 MEMP Distribution List will be accompanied by a confirmation letter to be signed and returned by the recipient confirming that the amendment has been received and administered into their copy of the Plan.

A copy of this Plan will be lodged with the State Library of Victoria, as required under the Victorian Libraries Act 1988.

3.10.3 Testing and Exercising of the Plan

The MEMPC in conjunction with the Municipal Emergency Response Coordinator (MERC) is responsible for planning, implementing and conducting debriefs for test exercises. A record of training exercises is provided at Appendix 7 Meeting and Training Log.

Training will be specific and tailored to the functions being undertaken. It is the responsibility of the Colac Otway Shire to coordinate the training of Council staff with emergency management roles.

Arrangements pertaining to this Plan are tested a minimum of once per annum, under the auspices of the Colac Otway Shire MEMPC. Any procedural anomalies or shortfalls encountered during the exercises, tests or assessments will be addressed and rectified at the earliest opportunity.

3.9 Audit Requirements for the Plan

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