5.2 Control Command and Coordination

Victoria bases its emergency response arrangement on the management functions of control, command and coordination, broadly described as follows:

  • Control - the overall direction of response activities in an emergency, operating horizontally across agencies.
  • Command - the internal direction of personnel and resources of an agency, operating vertically within the agency.
  • Coordination - the bringing together of agencies and resources to ensure effective response to and recovery from emergencies.

The control function is responsible for emergency response activities and the command and coordination functions provide support to those performing the control function. These functions are illustrated in the following figure.

Additionally, in order to meet the objectives of emergency management in Victoria, those performing the control, command and coordination functions need to ensure:

  • The consequences of the emergency are managed; and
  • There is communication that meets the information needs of communities, government, agencies and business.

Figure 23 Emergency Response Management Arrangements at an Incident.

Source: Part 3 EMMV

5.1 Introduction

5.3 Emergency Management Commissioner (EMC)