5.3 Emergency Management Commissioner (EMC)

5.3.1 Primary functions of the EMC

Section 32 of the EM Act 2013 lists the primary functions of the Emergency Management Commissioner (EMC).

The EMC functions include accountability for ensuring the response to emergencies in Victoria is systematic and coordinated.

Section 33 of the EM Act 2013 gives the EMC the power to do all things that are necessary or convenient to be done for or in connection with, the performance of the functions of the EMC.

5.3.2 The emergency response function of the EMC

The EMC will lead the response to major emergencies in Victoria, ensuring that the control, command, coordination, consequence management, communication and recovery functions are integrated and effective. Further information on the role and functions of the EMC can be found in Part 23 of the EMMV.

5.2 Control Command and Coordination

5.4 Control and the Principals of Control