5.7 Municipal Emergency Coordination Roles

This section summarises the roles carried out by key municipal emergency personnel. A number of Council staff have emergency management responsibilities stipulated in their Position Description and have associated delegations to fulfil these particular roles. Role Statements have been developed for following key municipal emergency roles and connected to individual officers.

5.7.1 Municipal Emergency Manager

Colac Otway Shire acknowledges that support, endorsement and involvement from senior management are essential to implement effective emergency management strategies. Subsequently the Shire has appointed a member of the Executive as the MEM to oversee community safety generally and the MEMP in particular.

The MEM is responsible to the Chief Executive Officer for the effective management of Councilís emergency management activities.

Council has identified the General Manager, Sustainable Planning and Development to the position of MEM. There is no appointed Deputy. MEMPC members will be notified of any change in the appointment of the MEM.

MEM roles and responsibilities include:

  • Ensure the MEMP is effective and current.
  • Ensure the municipal resources are utilised effectively in a community emergency for response and recovery activities.
  • Coordinate the emergency activities of, and liaise closely with the MERO, MRM and MFPO.
  • Ensure that the MECC can be activated at short notice in the event of an emergency.
  • Arrange meetings of the MEMPC or the EMG as appropriate in an emergency.
  • Maintain effective liaison with all Regional, State or Federal emergency related agencies servicing the municipality.
  • Ensure that an effective contact base is maintained so that municipal resources can be accessed on a 24 hour basis.
  • Ensure contractual arrangements with contractors to provide response or recovery support during an emergency are agreed to and documented in advance of such events.
  • Ensure appropriate operating procedures and processes are developed, documented and tested by those required to use them during an emergency and that suitable training takes place.
  • Ensure appropriate procedures, processes and systems are in place to record and monitor any Council expenditure specifically applicable to an emergency.
  • Ensure that applications for expenditures eligible for assistance from State resources are submitted to appropriate agencies.
  • Ensure that debriefing sessions are held for any response and recovery operation after an emergency to examine the effectiveness of the MEMP and review it as necessary.
  • Keep the Council and Chief Executive Officer informed on emergency management activities including the presentation of an annual report on activities that includes expenditure incurred by Council during the previous 12 months.

5.7.2 Municipal Emergency Resource Officer

The MERO is responsible for the activation, deployment and coordination of municipal resources in response to emergency situations.

Council has appointed the Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator, Manager Cosworks and the Business Coordinator Cosworks to the position of MERO. This role is a statutory appointment under the Emergency Management Act 1986 and the Emergency Management Act 2013. MEMPC members will be notified of any change in the appointment of the MERO.

MERO roles and responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate municipal resources in emergency response.
  • Provide municipal resources when requested by emergency services or police during response activities.
  • Maintain effective liaison with emergency agencies within or servicing the municipal district.
  • Maintain an effective contact base so municipal resources can be accessed on a 24 hour basis.
  • Keep the MECC prepared to ensure prompt activation if needed.
  • Liaise with the MEM and MRM on the best use of municipal resources.
  • Organise a response debrief if requested by the MERC.
  • Ensure procedures and systems are in place to monitor and record expenditure by the Council in relation to emergencies.
  • Perform other duties as determined.

5.7.3 Municipal Recovery Manager

The MRM is primarily responsible for the coordination of municipal and community resources during relief and recovery operations. The MRM works closely with the MERO and other agencies to integrate relief and recovery efforts.

Council has appointed the Manager Health and Community Services to the position of MRM and the Manager Environment and Community Safety as the deputy. MEMPC members will be notified of any change in the appointment of the MRM.

MRM roles and responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate municipal and community resources for relief and recovery.
  • Assist with collating and evaluating information gathered during the post-impact assessment process.
  • Establish priorities for the restoration of community services and needs.
  • Liaise with the MEM and MERO on the best use of municipal resources.
  • Establish a Relief Centre as directed by the MERC or MERO.
  • Establish a Recovery Centre at a location appropriate to the affected area.
  • Liaise, consult and negotiate with recovery agencies and council on behalf of the affected area and community recovery committees.
  • Liaise with the Regional Recovery Committee and the Department of Human Services.
  • Maintain vulnerable persons/locations/facilities list.
  • Undertake specific relief and recovery activities as determined.

5.7.4 Deputy MERC, MERO and MRM

In the event of the MERC, MERO and MRM being required to undertake other functions such as planning, attending meetings or briefing sessions, Deputy MERCs, MEROs and MRMs will be required to undertake the roles of MERC, MERO and MRM within the MECC. Deputy MEROs and/or MRMs may also be required to fulfil other functions, for example, attend community information sessions, assist operational officers or undertake inspections of ERCs.

5.7.5 Municipal Fire Prevention Officer

This role is a statutory appointment under the Country Fire Authority Act 1958, Section 96A. Council has appointed a MFPO and assistants. The primary role of the MFPO is to ensure Councilís obligations under the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 are met.

The MFPO roles and responsibilities include:

  • Manage the Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee (MFMPC).
  • Review Councilís fire prevention planning and plans together with the MFMPC.
  • Liaise with fire services, brigades, other authorities and councils regarding fire prevention planning and implementation.
  • Advise and assist the MEMPC on fire prevention and related matters.
  • Report to Council on fire prevention and related matters.
  • Carry out statutory tasks related to fire prevention notices and infringement notices.
  • Investigate and act on complaints regarding potential fire hazards.
  • Advise, assist and make recommendations to the general public on fire prevention and related matters.
  • Issue permits to burn (under section 38 of the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 ).

5.7.6 MECC Facility Manager

The MECC Facility Manager has responsibility for ensuring all systems relating to the running of the MECC are operating in a manner that is conducive to supporting emergency response, relief and recovery efforts.

5.6 Colac Otway Shire Coordination Committees

5.8 Other Emergency Response Coordination Roles