5.10 Scale of Emergency Coordination

The following levels of emergency coordination illustrate the components that might be activated in the event of small, medium or large scale emergencies. They also aim to create a more appropriate response determined by the scale of the emergency.

The activation of each level is dependent upon the scale of the emergency and is determined by the Emergency Management Coordination Group (MERC, MERO and MRM).

These levels consider the span of control where up to five reporting individuals or groups is considered to be desirable, as this maintains the supervisorís ability to effectively task, monitor and evaluate performance.

5.10.1 Small Scale Emergency (less than 24 hour impact)

A small scale emergency is considered to be one that can be resolved through the use of local or initial response resources. The MECC might not necessarily be activated with the MERC and MERO in close communication at all times. Consequently the MERC and MERO will undertake the planning and logistics functions concurrently. They will also monitor the emergency and its impact on the area, and the community, also other elements and variables that might lead to a higher level of activation.

5.10.2 Medium Scale Emergency (more than 24 hours)

A medium scale emergency is considered more complex in size, resources and/or risk. The MECC will be activated with the function being the deployment of resources beyond initial response and a multi-agency representation in the MECC and ERC(s). The emergency may potentially require forward planning to address response issues, and for recovery during the response phase.

5.10.3 Large Scale Emergency (multiple daysí impact)

A large scale emergency is an incident characterised by the level of complexity that requires the activation and establishment of the MECC plus ERC(s) and possibly an Emergency Call Centre. This level of emergency will require forward planning as the emergency continues and will specifically require recovery planning during the early stages of the response phase of the emergency.

5.9 Municipal Emergency Response Arrangements

5.11 Phases of Activation