5.11 Phases of Activation

Response arrangements should be implemented at the earliest possible opportunity if the effects of emergencies are to be minimised and for this reason several phases of activation have been accepted.

5.11.1 Alert

Upon receipt of warning or information that an emergency may occur or affect the relevant area of responsibility, the organisation must be alerted to ensure its readiness to act if called upon. Some of the activities that should be considered in this phase are:

  • Warnings for key personnel.
  • Testing of communications arrangements.
  • Establishing flow of information between municipality and Control/Support Agencies.

5.11.2 Standby

As the threat, or the effect of the emergency, becomes imminent, members of the relevant organisation or sections are placed on standby, thus being ready to move immediately they are required. Some of the activities that should be considered in this phase are:

  • Staffing of respective emergency centres.
  • Preparing equipment and personnel for immediate action.
  • Identifying assembly areas.

5.11.3 Action

This is the operational phase of the emergency when combating and support agencies are committed to contain or control the emergency. Some operations may necessitate moving to the “Action phase” immediately without the “Alert” and “Standby” phases being implemented. For this reason, it is mandatory that all organisations having a role in this Plan be in a state of preparedness at all times. Some of the activities that should be considered in this phase are:

  • Mobilisation of personnel/equipment as requested.
  • Production of records on a regular basis for higher authorities.
  • Deployment of additional resources as required.
  • Registration of volunteer workers.

5.11.4 Stand Down

Once "Alert", "Standby" and/or "Action" have been implemented and objectives met, the MERC must declare a "Stand Down". After consultation with the Control Agency and any other relevant agency, and when the MERO is satisfied that the response to the emergency has been completed, the MERC will advise all participating agencies of ‘Stand Down’.

5.10 Scale of Emergency Coordination

5.12 Phases of Activation for a Bushfire