5.13 Briefings

All briefings conducted at the MECC and ERCs will use the ‘Situation Mission Execution Administration Communications Safety’ (SMEACS) briefing template. This will provide consistency with emergency services and ensure accuracy of information from receipt of a request, to personnel who implement the request. SMEACS also provides the mechanism for safe work practices and the safety of personnel who are performing tasks and activities in the emergency affected area.

5.13.1 Post Emergency Debriefing Arrangements

A debrief is undertaken as soon as is practical after an emergency. It is the responsibility of the MERC to convene the meeting and all Council personnel and agencies who participated should be represented with a view to assessing the adequacy of the MEMP and to recommend changes. The meetings to assess the adequacy of the MEMP should be chaired by the Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC) Chairperson. All debrief information will be disseminated by the MEMPC Executive Officer to all present at the debrief and also all personnel on the MEMPC contact list.

An additional debrief may be conducted for the Recovery Team to cover specific relief and recovery issues. This will be convened by the MRM and will be in addition to debriefs conducted by the MERC and MEMPC.

5.12 Phases of Activation for a Bushfire

5.14 Communications