5.19 Financial Arrangements and Responsibilities

The use of municipal resources in emergencies must be authorised by the MERO or the MRM, and be in accordance with the normal financial arrangements of Colac Otway Shire Council. An account number for emergencies has been allocated and a work order number will be created for each emergency.

In all instances, the requesting agency should make appropriate arrangements for delivery and will be responsible for all costs incurred.

5.19.1 Municipal Councils

Councils are expected to use their own labour and equipment in an emergency situation within the municipal district. Where equipment and/or personnel are sourced from contractors, the municipal council is responsible for paying contractors.

Extraordinary expenditure incurred, (e.g. for overtime, or equipment hire used in emergency protection works, or restoration of publicly owned assets) may qualify for reimbursement by the Department of Treasury and Finance (according to a sharing formula), from the Natural Disaster Relief Trust Account. (Refer EMMV Part 8 Appendix 1).

Refer Municipal Association of Victoria’s A Council Guide to Financial Management in Emergencies.

5.19.2 Other Agencies

Control Agencies are responsible for all costs involved in responding to an emergency. State agencies involved in emergency response and recovery activities, as part of their normal activities will initially fund them from within their budgets, including supplies (e.g. catering) purchased from contractors or volunteer agencies. For major emergencies some funding supplementation may be required.

5.19.3 Financial donations

Colac Otway Shire Council is accountable for any monies donated as a result of an emergency event, and will implement systems to receive and account for all such donations.

5.19.4 Private Organisations

Private organisations meet their own expenses incurred in emergency activities.

5.19.5 Financial reimbursement

In accordance with the Commonwealth Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements and in line with the Victorian guidelines, the Department of Treasury and Finance provide financial assistance to relevant Government agencies and to municipal councils for specified types of eligible natural disaster expenditure including, emergency protection works and restoration of municipal assets. Depending on the magnitude of the emergency, some government financial assistance may be available for prevention, response and recovery activities.

Further information and claim form can be found via the Department of Treasury and Finance website

5.19.6 Voluntary Agencies

Agencies may be called upon to provide resources within the limit of their means.

5.18 Resource Sharing

5.20 Supplementary Supply