5.22 Impact Assessments

A framework has been developed that identifies three phases of information collection (initial, secondary and post) which are tailored to meet the needs of agencies and organisations. The intention of the framework is to provide information in its rawest form to the Control Agency in order for that agency to set priorities relating to threat, resource allocation, provision of public information and to facilitate informed decision making.

5.22.1 Initial Impact Assessment

An Initial Impact Assessment is an appraisal of the extent of damage, disruption and breakdown to the community and its infrastructure resulting from the emergency or disaster. This assessment is carried out by the controlling agency, dependent upon the type of emergency event. The information is provided to the Planning Officer in the MECC who then liaises with the MERC, MERO and MRM to plan for current and future response and recovery activities.

5.22.2 Secondary Assessment

The secondary assessment builds on the Initial Impact Assessment baseline information, to describe the scale and characteristics of the impact on the four key measurable environments that have been most affected (i.e. the social, build, economic and natural environments).

A secondary assessment provides more detailed information about the type, amount and priority of assistance needed by affected communities, their population and organisations. It considers resources available within an affected community and identifies those needs that can be met with outside assistance and informs the overall response and recovery process.

5.22.3 Post Impact (Loss) Assessment

Post Impact Assessments estimate the cost of destroyed assets across the area of:

  • Social health and community.
  • Built environment.
  • Natural environment.
  • Economic environment.

To facilitate this process the Colac Otway Shire, through the Emergency Management Group, shall as early as practicable perform the following tasks:

  • Survey the extent of damage indicating evaluation of financial and material aid needed;
  • Provide a priority listing for restoration of community needs to assist agencies in the performance of their functions;
  • Monitor the acquisition and application of financial and material aid needed or made available in the restoration period.

The Emergency Management Group may co-opt persons within the community with the appropriate expertise to assist with the above tasks. Should the emergency extend beyond the boundaries of the Colac Otway Shire Council, the post impact assessment may be merged with that of the other affected municipality(s).

This assessment phase also estimates the changes in the ‘flow’ of an affected economy caused by the destruction of assets and any changes in the performance of an affected economy Such assessments inform the medium to longer-term process.

These assessments provide the State Government with a foundation for determining whether Federal Government assistance may be required.

5.21 Business Continuity

5.23 Termination of Response Activities