5.26 Post Emergency Debriefing Arrangements

5.26.1 Council Debrief

As soon as practicable following an incident, the MEM or the MERO shall arrange for a (cold) debrief that addresses councilís response and asset recovery operations. The MRM in some instances, may choose to conduct a debrief with the recovery team to address recovery issues.

All Colac Otway Shire Council debriefs (response and recovery) shall be chaired by the MEM or MERO. Debriefs are to take place prior to the multi-agency debrief so as to ensure that an accurate picture can be portrayed at the latter debrief. Relevant council response and recovery staff will be invited to this debrief session.

5.26.2 Multi-agency Debrief

A debrief should take place as soon as practicable after an emergency. The MERC will convene the meeting and all agencies who participated should be represented with a view to assessing the adequacy of the MEMP and to recommend changes. These meetings should be chaired by a VicPolice officer not involved in the incident.

An additional debrief may be conducted for the Recovery Team to cover specific recovery issues. This will be additional to the debrief conducted by the MEMP Committee. This will be convened and chaired by the MRM and the Department of Human Services.

5.25 Handover of Goods and Facilities