6.3 Recovery Definition

The Emergency Management Act (1986) states that recovery is “the assisting of persons and communities affected by emergencies to achieve a proper and effective level of functioning” (Sec. 4A).

Recovery from emergencies is a developmental process of assisting individuals and communities to manage the re-establishment of those elements of society necessary for their wellbeing.

The process involves cooperation between all levels of government, non-government organisations, community agencies and the private sector in consideration of:

  • The emotional, social, spiritual, financial and physical wellbeing of individuals and communities.
  • The restoration of essential and community infrastructure.
  • The rehabilitation of the environment.
  • The revitalisation of the economy of the community to ensure as far as possible that the wellbeing of a community is increased.

During recovery, governments and communities work together to assist affected individuals and communities to move towards a healthy, safe and functioning environment.

6.2 Emergency Relief Definition

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