6.7 Recovery Management Structure

Management of recovery occurs in the context of clear and agreed arrangements, and involves processes of consultation and cooperation through established communication channels. Whenever possible, short and longer term recovery activities will become part of core business to ensure they remain responsive to the needs of the affected community.

6.7.1 Levels of Emergency Relief and Recovery

The levels of recovery management are:

  • Local (municipal).
  • Regional.
  • State.

6.7.2 Consequence Management and Tiered Approach to Emergency Relief and Recovery

Consequence management drives the tiered approach to emergency relief and recovery coordination. The tiered approach indicates the level at which coordination for emergency relief and recovery will be escalated at a particular point in time. It is also an indicator of the possible resource levels required.

The figure below outlines the emergency relief and recovery coordination levels depending on the tier of incident.

Figure 27 - Emergency Relief and Recovery Coordination Levels

Source: Part 4 EMMV

6.6 Principles Underpinning Recovery

6.8 Functional Areas of Recovery