6.8 Functional Areas of Recovery

There are four key functional areas that require the application of coordination arrangements as a part of the recovery process. These areas focus on the various needs of the community within:

  • Social, health and community environment;
  • Economic environment;
  • Natural environment; and
  • Built environment.

The following table identifies the services and elements relevant to each functional area of recovery:

Figure 28 - Services and Elements Relevant to Each Functional Area of Recovery

Community Recovery
Natural People, Social Health and Community Built Economic
Water Safety Residential Employment
Air Quality Wellbeing Community Industry
Flora Interim accommodation Infrastructure Commerce
Fauna Financial aid Essential services Small business
Agriculture Health Water Tourism
Parks Psychological support Waste Government
Public land Individualised support Electricity  
Marine environment Outreach Gas  
  Case management Telecommunications  
  Community support Roads  

Source: Colac Otway Shire

6.7 Recovery Management Structure

6.9 Municipal Coordination and Management Arrangements