6.23 Single Point of Contact

Helping people to help themselves is key to recovery and offering a single point of contact will help reduce confusion and create confidence that people are receiving the most up to date and correct information.

MEMP plans should contain arrangements for the promotion of a single point of contact for residents to obtain information about support, services and grants that may be available following an emergency.

All levels of government will be required to coordinate an appropriate single point of contact for recovery information. It is important that all levels of government and agencies involved promote the same single point of contact.

The agency responsible for the single point of contact will be determined by the nature, size and impact of the event.

Consideration will need to be given as to how to make this single point of contact as accessible as possible. Phone lines, recovery centres and online websites are all examples of how to deliver a single point of contact. Collecting and organising the information that needs to be made available through the single point of contact is critical.

Keeping records of the requests for information made at the single point of contact can be a valuable source of intelligence about the impact of the event and the recovery needs people have. The records should be regularly reviewed to ensure that local recovery plans are responsive to the needs arising.

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