6.24 Case Management

The implementation of an effective Emergency Case Management Service to support individuals and families affected by an emergency relies on significant collaboration between state government, municipalities and community service organisations.

Case management is strongly embedded into existing recovery structures established to manage and provide recovery services. These may include using existing municipal, regional and state recovery committees and the establishment of recovery centres where required.

Colac Otway Shire will liaise with Department of Human Services whether delivering the Emergency Case Management System directly or coordinating the delivery by a health or community service organisation. A request for funding to coordinate or deliver the service will be forwarded to the DHS Regional Recovery Coordinator. The funding submission will contain the following:

  • Estimated number of households affected.
  • Nature of the impacts of the emergency on individuals, households and the community.
  • Details in relation to the capacity of local services to respond.

Where there is potential for primary producers to be affected by an emergency, the Shire will liaise with Department of Human Services and DEPI to determine the circumstances in which case management support may be delivered in a coordinated approach.

6.23 Single Point of Contact

6.25 Financial Considerations