6.26 Reporting Arrangements

Municipal council's should regularly monitor and report on the impacts of emergency incidents on affected communities, during and following the incident, to ensure recovery agencies can promptly respond and provide assistance where required.

The following information that should be included in the monitoring and reporting of recovery activities:

  • Size and location affected areas.
  • Number of premises which are:
  • Uninhabitable, inaccessible, destroyed or damaged
  • Dwelling type (if known) house, caravan, flat/unit or other.
  • Number of persons affected:
  • Adults / children
  • Immediate needs
  • Accommodation, health and or personal needs.
  • Relief/Recovery Centres locations and hours of operations.
  • Community briefings/information sessions:
  • Date, location held and number of attendees (approx.)
  • Upcoming, date and location.

6.25 Financial Considerations

6.27 Testing and Review