6.29 Support and Ancillary Arrangements

6.29.1 Companion Animals, Livestock and Wildlife

Evacuations invariably involve companion animals, wildlife and livestock so emergency relief agencies will likely require provisions for:

  • Extensive, secure and functional holding facilities.
  • Catching, handling and confining animals.
  • Feed and water, housing and accommodation.
  • Veterinary treatment for injuries and illness.
  • Identifying and contacting owners.
  • Animals requiring specialist attention (such as horses and wildlife).

Council is working with the Department of Environment and Primary Industries to develop a Animal Welfare Plan.

6.29.2 Feed and Water for Animals

Department of Environment and Primary Industries and Victorian Farmers Federation are responsible for gathering and distributing emergency fodder supplies. Provision of fodder for animals after an emergency is an essential emergency relief function, as existing sources may have been destroyed in the incident.

Supplies of water may also be required for livestock after an emergency; The Department of Environment and Primary Industries will be able to provide advice to municipal councils about urgent needs for emergency water supplies.

6.28 Evaluation of Recovery Activities

6.30 Emergency Accommodation