6.30 Emergency Accommodation

Accommodation may be provided to households and individuals displaced by an emergency event in hotels, motels, caravan parks, houses and flats or similar. The timeframe usually ranges from days to weeks. In some case emergency accommodation may transition into interim accommodation.

Emergency accommodation is usually provided by community, business or government organisations, although people often find their own accommodation with family or friends.

6.30.1 Interim Accommodation

Interim accommodation is provided to households and individuals whose primary place of residence is destroyed or damaged by an emergency event. Interim accommodation can be in a house, flat, caravan or similar and can continue for extended periods of weeks, months or longer prior to permanent housing. In some cases interim accommodation my transition into permanent housing.

Interim accommodation is organised through the Department of Human Services Housing Emergency Management Policy and Procedures plan. Interim accommodation can also be provided by friends, family, community, business or government organisations.

6.30.2 Permanent Housing

Permanent housing includes the range of normal housing options available to individuals and households. These include owner-occupied homes, renting, public housing or equivalent. Options for specific households and individuals may differ to the pre-emergency state.

6.29 Support and Ancillary Arrangements

6.31 Health and Medical