6.31 Health and Medical

The Environmental Health Coordinator has been delegated the responsibility for health and medical matters.

Municipal health and medical arrangements will be considered in conjunction with the Barwon-South Western Regional Health Emergency Management Plan and the Victoria State Public Health Emergency Management Plan (SHERP).

The aim of these arrangements is to identify the health and medical facilities available within Colac Otway Shire and identify the arrangements for activation. Due to the dual nature of these arrangements, it will be divided into two components; each being addressed accordingly.

6.31.1 Health

The Environmental Health Manager is responsible for all public health matters in the municipality, and will activate the Environmental Health Support Plan in consultation with the MRM. All actions must be in accordance with the Victoria State Public Health Emergency Management Plan.

The Public Health & Wellbeing Plan can be activated autonomously in line with the Victoria State Public Health Emergency Management Plan where there are actual or possible significant public health consequences, (but no immediate casualties such as in a major emergency) which may impact upon the health and well-being of members of the local or regional community. Incidents of this type include contaminated food, water, infectious disease etc.

The responsibilities of the Environmental Health Manager in emergencies include:

  • Advice on water supply and sewerage disposal;
  • Ensuring hygienic food handling - safe production, storage and distribution;
  • Supply of sanitary and hygienic accommodation when required;
  • Refuse removal;
  • Pest control;
  • Control of infectious diseases;
  • Disposal of dead animals; and
  • Ensuring the sanitary condition and standard of material relief is appropriate.

In the absence of the Environmental Health Manager, his/her deputy will take over the role.

6.31.2 Medical

Implementation of the medical arrangements will be automatic where people are injured or require medical assistance. This automatic response will be by Ambulance Victoria and hospitals within the municipality. All responses must comply with the arrangements in the Emergency Management Plan and the State Public Health Plan (SHERP).

Ambulance Victoria will be responsible for contacting additional First Aid support when required (e.g. St. John Ambulance and Red Cross)

6.31.3 Management of Medical Response

Medical response management at an emergency scene will be carried out by the most senior medical officer present. This could be any of the following:

  • The senior Ambulance Officer present.
  • A member of a medical team.
  • The area Medical Coordinator.

The role of the Medical Commander at the scene of an emergency is to:

  • Arrange resources required.
  • Provide triage, (prioritise patients for treatment).
  • Co-ordinate transport of patients.
  • Determine destination of patients.

The Colac Otway Shire has two hospitals; Colac Area Health in Colac and Otway Health & Community Services in Apollo Bay. These are the two main medical facilities able to cope with a number of casualties. Larger numbers of casualties and more serious injuries will be transported by road or air to other hospitals.

6.30 Emergency Accommodation

6.32 Provision of Volunteer Assistance