Appendix 11 – Support Agencies for Response

This table supports tasks indicates the functional services agency and relevant support agency(s). This list is neither exhaustive nor inclusive as many agencies, including control agencies may have a support role and a functional service role, dependant on the nature of the emergency.

Animal Welfare DEPI PV, RSPCA
Catering Red Cross Salvation Army
Commonwealth resources Victoria Police EMA, ADF
Communications Victoria Police ESTA, Telstra, WICEN
Deceased persons: identification Victoria Police CCoV
Detection of Emergency Locator Transmitters AMSA Airservices Australia
Emergency call taking and dispatch ESTA Telstra
Emergency medical care and/ortransport AV MFESB, ARFF, ESTA - Others as per SHERP (DHS)
Environmental impact assessment EPA DEPI, PV
Evacuation Control agency, Victoria Police VICSES, Municipal councils
First aid AV St John Ambulance, LSV, Red Cross - Others as per SHERP
Mapping services/information, including:digital and hard copy maps aerial photography acquisition satelliteimagery acquisition GPS positioning and location DEPI Geoscience Australia
Media relations Control agency VicPol
Produce (food) contamination by Chemicals of security concern DEPI  
Public warnings Control agency, Victoria Police BOM, Municipal councils, Telstra (Emergency Alert)
Relocation Control agency VicPol, VICSES, Municipal councils
Transport, engineering and services support VicRoads Others as per TESS Plan
Weather information and forecasting BOM  
Work place / work related investigations and technical support WorkSafe  

Appendix 10 – Control Agencies for Response

Appendix 12 – Municipal Resources - Heavy Equipment