Appendix 17 – Acronyms and Abbreviations

AA Airservices Australia

ADF Australian Defence Force

AEMO Australian Energy Market Operator

AFAC Australian Fire and Emergency Services Authority Council

AGCDTF Australian Government Counter Disaster Taskforce

AGD Attorney-Generalís Department

AIIMS Australian Inter-Service Incident Management System

AMSA Australian Maritime Safety Authority

ARCV Australian Red Cross Victoria

ARFF Aviation Rescue and Firefighting (part of Airservices Australia)

ATSB Australian Transport Safety Bureau

AusSAR Australian Search and Rescue

AV Ambulance Victoria

AVCG Australian Volunteer Coast Guard

BC Building Commission

BOM Bureau of Meteorology

CBR Chemical, Biological, Radiological

CBRIE Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Incendiary Explosive

CCP Chief Commissioner of Police

CCoV Coroners Court of Victoria

CERM Community Emergency Risk Management

CERA Community Emergency Risk Assessment

CFA Country Fire Authority

CGRC Central Government Response Committee

CI Critical Infrastructure

CMA Catchment Management Authority

COAG Council of Australian Governments

COMDISPLAN Commonwealth Government Disaster Response Plan

CORC Colac Otway Recovery Committee

CWA Country Womenís Association

DACC Defence Assistance to the Civil Community

DEECD Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

DEPI Department of Environment and Primary Industries

DFACA Defence Force Aid to the Civil Authority

DFSV Dairy Food Safety Victoria

DGEMA Director-General Emergency Management Australia

DH Department of Health

DHS Department of Human Services

DIIRD Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development

DoT Department of Transport

DoJ Department of Justice

DPC Department of Premier and Cabinet

DTF Department of Treasury and Finance

DPCD Department of Planning and Community Development

DVI Disaster Victim Identification

EMA Emergency Management Australia

EMAI Emergency Management Australia Institute

EMLO Emergency Management Liaison Officer

EmRePSS Emergency Resource Providers Support Scheme

EMS Emergency Medical Services

EMT Emergency Management Team

EOC Emergency Operations Centre

EPA Environment Protection Authority

ERC Emergency Response Coordinator

ERCC Emergency Response Coordination Centre

ESTA Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority

FERC Field Emergency Response Coordinator

GIS Geospatial Information System

ICA Insurance Council of Australia

ICC Incident Control Centre

IDRO Insurance Disaster Response Organisation

IMF Incident Management Facility

IFMP Integrated Fire Management Planning

IMS Incident Management System

IMT Incident Management Team

LSV Life Saving Victoria

Marine EMT Marine Emergency Management Team

MAV Municipal Association of Victoria

MCPEM-EM Ministerial Council for Police and Emergency Management – Emergency Management

MECC Municipal Emergency Coordination Centre

MEMEG Municipal Emergency Management Enhancement Group

MEMPC Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee

MERC Municipal Emergency Response Coordinator

MERO Municipal Emergency Resource Officer

MEST Major Emergency Strategy Team

MFB Metropolitan Fire Brigade

MFESB Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board

MFPO Municipal Fire Prevention Officer

MRM Municipal Recover Manager

MSV Marine Safety Victoria

NCTP National Counter Terrorist Plan

NDRRA Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements

NEMC National Emergence Management Committee

NEWS (EL) National Emergency Warning System (Emergency Alter)

NPW Nuclear Powered Warship

OESC Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner

POC Police Operations Centre (D24)

PV Parks Victoria

Red Cross Australian Red Cross

RERC Regional Emergency Response Coordinator

RERCC Regional Emergency Response Coordination Centre

RFCV Rural Finance Corporation Victoria

RFR Register. Find. Reunite.

RR Road Rescue

RSPCA Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

SBSC Small Business Counselling Service

SCC State Control Centre / State Crisis Centre

SCN Security and Continuity Network

SECC Security and Emergencies Committee of Cabinet

SEMC State Emergency Mitigation Committee

SEMT State Emergency Management Team

SERCC State Emergency Response Coordination Centre

SEWS Standard Emergency Warning Signal

SHERP State Health Emergency Response Plan

SII Spatial Information Infrastructure

TAC Transport Accident Commission

TESS Transport, Engineering and Services Support

USAR Urban Search and Rescue

VCC Victorian Council of Churches

VEMC Victorian Emergency Management Council

VCG Victorian Grants Commission

VicPol Victoria Police

VICSES Victoria State Emergency Service

VRCA Victoria Regional Channels Authority

VWA Victorian WorkCover Authority (WorkSafe)

WICEN Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network

Appendix 16 - Fixed Wing Aircraft

Appendix 18 – Glossary